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It’s no secret that business owners tend to be multitasking superstars, wearing dozens of different hats as required and tackling a massively diverse set of challenges. 

But as a Virtual Administrator, I've learned that doing it all on your own can not only get pretty lonely, it can also prevent you from focusing on the things you’re best at. 

I believe that all business owners deserve the support and perspective they need, so they don’t have to feel like they’re alone.

To bring that conviction into the real world, we created a business that prioritises clarity and efficiency when it comes to digital systems and communications, bookkeeping, and design services.

I was driven to do this because I've learned that many business owners struggle to find the time, creativity or understanding necessary to get through all the different items on their to-do list.

I know that most people who run their own businesses are just looking for someone reliable and efficient to support them as they grow their business.

That’s why The Virtual Administrator provides our clients with tailored services that result in fresh ideas, flexibility and the freedom to grow.

Rachel Bird - Owner & Operator
Rachel Bird - Owner & Operator


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